Everybody has a personal relationship with alcohol.  I wish to study how we, in the UK, interact with ‘booze’ on an individual level and as a group.   Drinkers is a project that I shall build over the next three months as the final project of my MA.  The aim is to create a resolved body of photographic prints and hold an exhibition.  Over the next three months I shall be visually experimenting with location shoots and attempting to build a narrative about the rituals around drinking, exploring both the highs and the lows.  I shall keep on posting my visual development of the project as to demonstrate how a project comes together.


This evening I stumbled across an event in Norwich called Pimp my Barrow.  This is an annual charity event that sees students from UEA dressing up, creating decorative wheelbarrows and trawling the pubs of Norwich.  Since the first event in 2007, Pimp my Barrow has raised almost £40’000 for the Big C cancer charity.


The energy put into the fundraising is only matched by the enthusiasm put into the drinking.  I thought that this act of public boozing would be the perfect starting point of the project and I integrated with a very merry bunch of happy drinkers by the Black Horse pub on Earlham Road.  Here is a small selection of shots taken this evening.